How an RFI Can Improve Your RFP

How an RFI Can Improve Your RFP

A request for information (RFI) is a less-widely used tactical tool that can provide vital pre-RFP information, including a market analysis that can better inform an RFP when it does go out.

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AUX Home Services has used its new telematics platform to improve the number of appointments its...

Improving Efficiencies and Boosting Profit Through Telematics

AUX Home Services has used its new telematics platform to improve the number of appointments its fleet drivers are able to accomplish per day. The company has also been able to improve its on-time performance.

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Scholarship Program Funding Auto Mechanic Education

The Hourglass Foundation looks to offer financial aid to high school seniors nationwide who have demonstrated a passion and drive to achieve their life goals by attending a community college or trade school.

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ADAS technologies have made today’s vehicles the safest in history.

ADAS Complexity Will Create New Maintenance Costs and Vulnerabilities for Fleets

While technology is making vehicles safer, last longer, and be more environmentally friendly, it is also making them increasingly complex. As vehicles become more complex, so do all aspects of vehicle repairs.

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WEX, Inc. has moved deeper into fuel data for fleets. Kurt Thearling, vice president of...

WEX Delves Deeper Into Fueling Data

The fuel card specialist is looking for ways to reduce data overload for fleet managers as it deepens its expertise through acquisitions and an expansion.

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The Fleet Executive of the Year award recognizes exceptional leadership by managers who hold the...

Meet the 2018 Fleet Executive of the Year

Mark Leuenberger oversees both fleet and procurement at Cox Enterprises, a company that he has been with for 20 years.

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