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BMW Offers Traffic-Signal Alerting App

BMW Group will introduce a mobile app that will help drivers anticipate traffic signal changes in cities to increase safety and save fuel by avoiding unnecessary acceleration, the automaker announced.

Apple CarPlay to Integrate Automaker Apps

Apple's CarPlay automotive user interface will allow automakers to add their own apps so users can control vehicle functions such as climate control that go beyond infotainment functions.

Volvo Gives XC90 CarPlay Preview

Volvo Cars released several photos and a video showing a preview of how drivers of its 2015 XC90 may interact with the vehicle using Apple's CarPlay interface.

Why Certain High-Tech Firms Favor Reimbursement

Historically, IBM was the largest company offering a corporate reimbursement program. In its heyday, IBM had more than 25,000 drivers on reimbursement. However, since then, there have emerged major company-provided fleets operated by hi-tech companies, such as Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Intel, etc.. Despite this trend, certain high-tech companies continue to be more receptive to driver reimbursement programs than company-provided vehicles. Why is this so?