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How to Measure Fleet Effectiveness

Fleet audits or benchmarking can give a clear picture of what a fleet operation is doing well while identifying areas where improvements can be made. The key to success is good data.

How to Audit Contract Vendors: Ensuring Top Performance

With fewer in-house resources available to fleet managers than ever, a key remedy is to outsource what can't be done internally. However, once the contract is signed, performance must be measured, and vendors held accountable.

How to Minimize the Risk of an Internal Audit of an Employee Sales Program

When selling out-of-service fleet vehicles to employees, companies need to ensure fleet policy is uniformly applied — without exception — and that all buyers are treated uniformly and consistently. If you are involved in individual price negotiations, it is prudent to document the sales process. Auditors want to ensure that policy is being enforced uniformly and consistently throughout the organization. Here's what you need to do to ensure you sail through an internal audit with flying colors.

CCM Launches National ‘Guaranteed Savings’ Campaign

IVYLAND, PA - Corporate Claims Management (CCM) has developed a "Guaranteed Savings" approach to the cost of operating a fleet. As part of this effort, fleet personnel have an opportunity to conduct a "30-second audit" in the comfort of their office.

How to Audit Fleet Fuel Invoices

Auditing fuel purchase invoices takes time and access to industry pricing data, but such scrutiny can avoid overcharges and duplicate transactions.