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DEARBORN, MI - Ford will offer 100 percent of its fleet vehicles this year with fuel-efficient powertrains and other sustainable technologies - including battery electric, hybrid, natural gas, propane, E-85, biodiesel, and EcoBoost.

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Verizon Expands ‘Green’ Fleet

NEW YORK - Verizon's fleet will continue to expand this year as part of the company's new comprehensive sustainability program, which contains several new initiatives and enhances existing efforts.

GM Pushing for More E-85 Pumps

ORLANDO - In anticipation of more than half of its lineup comprised of flex-fuel models by 2012, General Motors is calling for the addition of 10,000 ethanol pumps.

Volvo's Most Powerful Flexifuel Engine

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - Volvo Cars' most powerful E-85 engine is now receiving a vitamin supplement in the form of 30 fresh horsepower and an additional 40 Newton meters of torque.