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Audi Starts Facebook Petition for U.S. TT RS

HERNDON, VA - Audi of America is doing what it can to convince its German bosses to send the TT RS our way. A petition on the automaker's Facebook page says that "Audi is seriously rethinking its original plans for the range-topping TT model and wants to hear from you."

Volvo S60 Video Released on New Year's Day

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - The very first video footage of the all-new Volvo S60 was released exclusively in social media. Volvo's Facebook fans were the first to see it exclusively in 2009.

Social Networking Sites and Fleet - Do They Connect?

TORRANCE, CA - The current buzz is "social networking," online communities of people who share interests and/or activities. Encouraging people around the world to communicate, network, and share information, social networking has taken quite a hold.