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Fleet Efficiency

Texas Energy Fleet Standardizes Efficiency

Over the past year, Western Refining's fleet has instituted significant changes, including buying direct from suppliers, bringing maintenance in-house, eliminating the use of retread tires, and leveraging the company's fuel card.

Increased Fleet Efficiency Makes Reimbursement a More Expensive Option

The relentless demand by management to reduce costs year-over-year is producing extremely cost-efficient fleets. The best example is the trend by some fleets to shift drivers from allowance or reimbursement programs to the company-provided vehicle program. For these companies, they are finding that it is less expensive to have an employee participate in the company car program than providing a driver allowance.

Riverside County to Use GPS

RIVERSIDE, CA - Criticized in a recent audit for lax oversight of take-home cars and other inefficiencies, Riverside County is seeking funds to outfit its vehicles with GPS tracking devices.