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Negligent entrustment lawsuits typically focus on whether the company has an established safety policy and whether it enforces those policies. It is important to remember the standard for negligent entrustment is not whether the employer knows it has put people at risk; it is whether the employer should have known.

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VW's 3.0L Settlement Approved by Judge

A federal judge has signed off on Volkswagen's settlement with regulators to resolve civil claims over diesel vehicles powered by its 3.0L V-6 TDI engine, the company has announced.

Feds Sue Volkswagen Over Diesel Fix

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed suit against Volkswagen on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over 600,000 vehicles that included software designed to cheat emissions testing for engines that couldn't meet federal Clean Air Act standards.

Impact of the Rise of Legalized Marijuana

With state laws changing and evolving each year, fleet managers need to stay on top of legislation and fleet policies, and proceed cautiously as they navigate this new landscape.

Lollipop Tree Owners Refuse to Return Company Vehicle

PORTSMOUTH, NH - Already facing a lawsuit, founders of The Lollipop Tree business got themselves into even more potential legal trouble after they allegedly refused to turn over a company vehicle and attempted to hack into the business computer system.

Stranded Drivers to Sue Arrow Trucking Company

PHILADELPHIA - Arrow Trucking Co. is being sued by a Philadelphia attorney on behalf of the 1,400 former employees laid off right before Christmas, many of whom were truck drivers left stranded at truck stops.

State Farm Accuses Hecker of Fraud

BLOOMINGTON, IL - The insurance company accuses Denny Hecker's Advantage Rent-A-Car and Southwest-Tex Leasing subsidiary of allegedly inflating auto repair bills on hundreds of rental car claims, according to the Star Tribune.