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Recovering Vehicles from Terminated Employees

Retrieving vehicles from terminated employees can present a seemingly daunting challenge to fleet managers, but transport companies can help fleets overcome any obstacles to safely and securely recover the company’s vehicles.

PARS Initiates Open Recall Checks

PARS has launched a new Open Safety Recall Check, a complimentary service based on a real-time feed of open safety recall data from NHTSA's database.

PARS Launches Portal with More Fleet Management Tools

PARS has launched a new online customer portal that provides a secure gateway that features more real-time data, fleet management tools, and reports that address the increased complexity of fleet vehicle transport projects.

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Playing 'Musical Cars'

Many of those millions laid off during this recession’s corporate downsizings drove company cars. The process of reassigning vehicles retrieved from terminated employees can lead to errors. Here’s how to avoid them.

PARS Celebrates 10 Years

WARRENTON, VA – Since 1998, PARS has strived to improve the quality of driveaway moves and make the process easier for corporate fleet managers.