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Toyota Avalon

Toyota Announces 2019-MY Fleet Incentives

Toyota will offer commercial fleet incentives on 21 of its 2019 models, including the new generation of the RAV4 and heavily refreshed Avalon sedan, the company announced.

TCO for Hybrids Failing to Keep Pace

Only seven of 29 hybrids offered in the 2016 model year showed a lower total cost of ownership than their gasoline counterparts, representing a sharp decline from 2012 levels, according to an analysis by Vincentric.

2013 Toyota Avalon to Offer Gasoline and Hybrid Powertrain Choices

TORRANCE, CA - Toyota said it will equip the gasoline version of the sedan with a 3.5L, DOHC V-6. The hybrid version will come with a 2.5L, Atkinson-cycle, four-cylinder engine, a nickel-metal hydride battery pack, and two electric motor/generators in the transaxle.