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Wireless Services

How the Demise of AT&T's 2G Impacts Fleets

AT&T is in the process of discontinuing its use of 2G technology. This will impact fleets' use of GPS and telematics technology. What Fleet managers can do to keep operations running smoothly is shared.

Willow Run Foods Switches to Wireless Fleet System

MANCHESTER, NH - The company has implemented Cadec's Mobius TTS system on its full fleet of nearly 100 vehicles to collect more detailed data on vehicles and driver behavior and convey data wirelessly from truck cabs in real-time.

Over 3 Million GPS & Wireless Devices Used by Fleets

PALOS VERDES, CA – Fleet vehicles, trailers, construction equipment and mobile workers account for about 3.6 million GPS and wireless devices used in the U.S., according to a study by C.J. Driscoll & Associates.