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How to Manage Your Fleet Management Company

With resources and staff increasingly dear, fleet managers are often forced to outsource. When they do, they become vendor managers as much as fleet managers. Here is how to effectively manage a fleet management company.

What Does a Fleet Manager Bring to the Table?

How can a fleet manager prove his or her worth to the company? Some fleet managers toil in obscurity, others are in the spotlight. Either way, fleet managers must often justify their existence.

Will Technology Eliminate the ‘Personal Touch’ in Fleet Management?

Technology has transformed the way fleets communicate. One unintended consequence has been the increasing de-personalization of the interaction between fleet managers and drivers. In many ways, technology is slowly eliminating the “personal touch” to fleet management, which, since the inception of the profession, has been the hallmark of good fleet management, In the future, will personalized fleet management seem as quaint as the home delivery of milk?