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Taking Charge of Fraud

November 8, 2018 |11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET |Duration: 1 Hr

Sponsored by
U.S. Bank Voyager

Criminals are becoming more creative every day, and though we would like to imagine a day when fuel fraud is eliminated, it will likely only continue to become more sophisticated. The rise of fraud and misuse is a prominent issue for fleets, and it is expected to rise at least through October 2020 when the liability shift takes place for automated fuel dispensers and EMV chip cards are implemented. That is why fleets must be ready to fight back. Fraud prevention is critical not only because of the losses fleets accumulate, but for the safety and security of everyone who shares the road. Once they gain access to stolen credit card information, skimmer gangs often use trucks equipped with poorly made tanks that can hold hundreds of gallons of gasoline at a time, essentially creating a mobile bomb.

In this session, Josh Epperson, vice president strategic accounts at Mansfield Energy and Marie LeMoine, senior vice president and head of fraud prevention initiatives at U.S. Bank Global Transportation, offer insight into best practices and what to watch for in order to prevent these deadly hazards from being on the road.

Learning Objectives:

  • What types of fraud are currently occurring and what to watch for
  • Why controls can help decrease fraud and employee misuse
  • Actionable steps you and your drivers can take to prevent fraud



Josh Epperson

VP, Strategic Accounts, Mansfield Energy

Marie LeMoine, PMP, M.A.

SVP, Fleet Fraud Operations, U.S. Bank Global Transportation