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Hyundai Rolls Out Direct Order Entry for Fleets Hyundai Motor America has established the direct order entry feature to provide fleet management companies and other commercial buyers a more streamlined ordering process.

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Learn the latest in automotive fleet leasing management. The Leasing channel focuses on products, services, research, trends and industry insight by the leasing experts. This section also focuses on how-to’s, best practices, new leasing developments and profiles of companies in the fleet leasing industry.
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Safety & Accident

Targeted news and advice on the Safety and Risk-related issues critical to fleet management. Extensive coverage of safety news, product reviews, cost calculators, accident management, driver training and comprehensive archives.
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Get the expert information and research you need for fleet remarketing. Learn how to increase vehicle residuals while effectively using resale channels and lowering deprecation costs from the articles, tools and expert insight provided in this comprehensive channel.
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Fuel Management

The Fuel Management channel offers news, articles, tools and company profiles on one of the most important issues facing fleet managers. Examine the latest on managing fuel costs, trends and forecasts and learn best practices from experts in the fleet industry.
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Green Fleet

Learn from the experts at Automotive Fleet the ways fleet organizations are greening their fleets. The Green Fleet Channel brings you the latest in the reduction of fuel costs and alternative energy solutions for fleet cars and trucks.
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GPS / Telematics

The Telematics section offers news, articles and tips on the latest technology for routing your fleets as well as providing safety and security with GPS and related technology.
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Learn the latest on fleet vehicle maintenance from our news entries and articles. We offer product updates, maintenance cost stories, and company profiles.
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Vehicle Research

Fleet Vehicle Research channel provides all the vehicle product news in one handy section. Get the latest on what’s new from the OEMs, vehicle descriptions and specs and the latest on technology advances and more.
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The Case for Built-In Telematics
The age of the connected commercial vehicle is well upon us - implementing telematics solutions at the point of purchase provides extensive savings and benefits.
Top 5 Right-Sizing Fleet Metrics Proven to Reduce Costs
There are thousands of metrics that can be used to right-size a fleet. But do you know which ones are the heavy hitters?
Improve Fleet Performance by Changing Driver Behavior
GPS vehicle tracking provides a powerful tool for managing your vehicles more effectively, helping you control fleet costs and improving productivity. Fleet operation isn’t just about the vehicles but also the people who drive them.
How to Use Telematics to Control Fleet Costs
GPS vehicle tracking systems can generate positive results in many areas, including employee productivity, driver safety, and more. What really stands out is telematics ability to lower costs.
WEX Web Services
Read how Web Services can reduce the manual administration of fuel card programs and automate numerous repetitive tasks.
Top 5 Objections Fleet Executives Have About GPS Tracking
If you are on the fence about using a GPS fleet tracking solution in your operations, this whitepaper will explain why these objections should not hold you back from bettering your business.
Driver Monitoring: Myths vs. Reality
Busting three common driver risk management myths that could put your business at risk.
Getting the Big Picture in Small Fleet Management
How much do you actually know about your company’s vehicles?
Traffic Violations are on the Rise: How Fleets Can Prepare
Fuel, insurance, preventive maintenance and repairs are generally accepted as standard operating costs for fleets. What about vehicle-issued violations, such as parking, toll and photo enforcement tickets?
Saving Through Sustainability Initiatives
Initiatives to increase the sustainability of an organization's fleet should always be considered when a fleet manager is tasked with finding ways to save money. However, sustainability relies on a number of components that sometimes complicates the equation.

Telematics – Why you may be trailing the competition


During this informative Webinar we intend to outline the advantages Fleet Managers have when utilizing a fully integrated Telematics system and make a case for ROI.

What Every Fleet Needs to Know Going into 2015


Get your fleet ready for the New Year by getting an inside look of what industry professionals predict will be the industry trends for 2015 and what you can do to get ready.

The Advantages of Closed Loop Networks for Fleets


Join us for this free webinar to dig deeper into how proprietary closed-loop networks can apply to your fleet.


Driving Notes

Paul Clinton
2015 Hyundai Sonata Sedan

By Paul Clinton
The Hyundai Sonata hasn't established a large footprint in the commercial fleet world, yet the 2015 model of this mid-size sedan may be poised to gain greater traction with its appealing exterior styling, stout highway fuel economy, and bevy of interior features.

2015 Mazda6 GT Sedan

By Mike Antich

Nobody Asked Me, But...

Sherb Brown
The Big Conundrum of 'Big Data'

By Sherb Brown
Big Data is the hottest new catchphrase with the tech and fleet crows. Our recent surveys indicate that most fleet managers love data and want more of it, but are unhappy with the data they are actually getting.

Depreciation Returns to the Used-Vehicle Market

By Sherb Brown

Market Trends

Mike Antich
The Danger of Lower Fuel Prices

By Mike Antich
The recent drop in fuel prices has been as breathtaking as earlier run-up in prices. If sustained, these reduced fuel prices will begin to make a dent in overall fleet fuel expenditures.

Are Ride Sharing & Car Sharing New Fleet Management Options?

By Mike Antich

In Memoriam: Coach's Insights

Ed Bobit
Thinking of the Newbies of the Future

By Ed Bobit
A lot has changed in the past 10-15 years, so we can only imagine this momentum will continue into the next decade-plus. How will this change impact the fleet manager of tomorrow?

Managing a Car vs. Work Truck Fleet

By Ed Bobit

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November 2014

In This Issue:

<p><strong>Mike Antich of Automotive Fleet magazine (podium) moderated the session on driver distractions which included (l-r) Ken Latzko of The CEI Group, Randy Shadley of Corporate Claims Management, Dan Shive of LeasePlan USA, and Jodie Varner of Fleet Response.</strong></p> View article

How to Help Drivers Deal with In-Vehicle Distractions

What are the best practices in developing fleet policies to address in-vehicle distraction? How do you get senior management buy-in? What are the unintended consequences of new safety devices that contribute to driver distraction?

<p><em><strong>Photo via</strong></em></p> View article

Company Vehicles Used as a Retention Tool, Says Study

Good pay isn't the only perk that will attract and keep good employees. A study by GE Capital Fleet Services found that a company vehicle can be a strong tool for winning employee loyalty.

<p><em><strong>Photo via</strong></em></p> View article

How to Develop an Effective Selector Template

One of the “fleet management basics” is determining vehicle selection: what type, make, model, and equipment are best suited to the company fleet mission.

<p><strong>Ingrid Joris, VP and general manager of Ingersoll Rand&rsquo;s HR Operational Services, has used a combination of people and analytical skills in leading the company&rsquo;s fleet. <em>Photo by Chris Wolski.</em></strong></p> View article

Ingersoll Rand's Joris Honored as Fleet Executive of the Year

Ingrid Joris, vice president and general manager of HR Operational Services, has led the company’s dispersed fleet’s centralization, resulting in more than $16 million in savings in three years by engaging employees, utilizing data, sticking to the facts, and running it like a business.



Fleet Financials - January/February 2014

In This Issue:
Here are some of the Highlights

  • Dean Foods Battles Transportation Fleet Inefficiencies
  • Real-World Fuel Reduction Strategies
  • identifying Missed Cost- Cutting Opportunities
    And much more…