Photo of Volvo XC90 courtesy of Volvo.

Photo of Volvo XC90 courtesy of Volvo.

Liberty Mutual Insurance is offering a range of safety discounts for 2015 Volvo models, the automaker said.

Technologies such as City Safety, Volvo’s low-speed collision avoidance system, come standard on all current Volvo models.

An analysis from the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) concluded that Volvo XC60s get into fewer low-speed crashes than comparable vehicles because of City Safety technology. The study specifically indicated fewer claims under property damage and injuries, as well as less collision claim frequencies, for the XC60 compared to all other midsize luxury SUVs.

Additionally, Volvo’s current optional technology package offers such safety features as Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake, Lane Departure Warning, Distance Alert and Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with Full Auto Brake.

“The foresight of Liberty Mutual to recognize the real-world, positive impact of Volvo’s safety advances on collision avoidance and the reduction of severity of collisions points to a company that is always looking towards the future,” said North Holbrook, manager of commercial sales at Volvo. “When our all-new XC90 is introduced in a few months, it will take our class-leading safety features to a new level. I look forward to even more insurance companies taking Liberty Mutual’s lead.”

The XC90 luxury SUV's standard safety features include a run-off-road protection package and auto brake at intersection capability.

“These innovations will form part of a suite of safety features that will make the all-new XC90 one of the safest cars ever made,” Volvo said.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet