Donlen is celebrating its 50-year anniversary in the fleet leasing and management industry.

Founded on April 27, 1965, Donald "Don" Rappeport and Leonard "Len" Vine started a family-run business focused on the growing fleet leasing and management industry. Rappeprt and Vine built the company on "attentive customer service and revolutionary technology," according to Donlen.

Donlen is now part of the Hertz family, with over 300 full time employees, and a global reach through its various partners and Hertz global footprint. Donlen continues to build innovative fleet technology that empowers its customers to focus on their core business. Strategic consulting and dedicated customer service remains the core foundation of Donlen's continued success.

"We have worked hard to become the innovative fleet leasing and management company we are today," said Tom Callahan, Donlen's president. "'Innovating Fleet since 1965' is not just a slogan; it is a state of mind that allows us to keep pushing past any boundaries for the benefit of our customers. In these past 50 years, Donlen has contributed countless technical advancements to the industry, and I cannot think of a better group of customers, employees, executive leaders and shareholders to spend the next 50 years with."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet