Rendering courtesy of Toyota.

Rendering courtesy of Toyota.

Toyota has released architectural renderings of its future North American headquarters in Plano, Texas, that provide new details about the site layout and exterior design of the campus.

The rederings show buildings and outdoor spaces designed to "create a collaborative environment that encourages discovery, transparancy, and creativity," according to a release. The plans reflect the One Toyota plan that consolidates several operations in Torrance, Calif.; Erlanger, Ky.; and New York, N.Y.

Toyota broke ground on the site in January. The new headquaters should be finished in late 2016 or early 2017.

The campus will include seven buildings up to five stories tall arranged around a large central plaza for business functions such as dining, fitness, and conferencing facilities. The building facades are mostly glass with generous roof overhangs to cast shade.

Local and regional materials and low-water plantings reflect the native landscapes of north central Texas. Water features provide storage of water for irrigation. Parking structures and office buildings can support solar panels for renewable energy production.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet