Farmington, Conn.-based Motorlease Corporation has unveiled the company's new corporate logo and website. The logo reflects an updated look and feel, and the website has been refreshed and streamlined, focusing on how individuals use the internet today, according to the fleet management company.

"At Motorlease, our focus has always been on making things easier for our customers, whether that's full-service fleet management or helping them find the information they need," said Beth Kandrysawtz, chief executive. "We believe this new, refreshed website is easier to use, while representing the company our customers know and trust."

The new website has an entirely different look and feel, and emphasizes key differentiators and the company's commitment to service and relationship building. Information has been simplified and is easier to find, according to Motorlease.

"We hope our clients and prospects find it even easier to find the information they need on this new website," said Kandrysawtz. "We're now underway with phase two of the project, which includes an updated and expanded client portal."

The new website was conceived and designed by Fathom, Inc. from West Hartford, Conn.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet