Bonnie Brown, the manager of administrative services at Roche Diagnostics, has retired from her role after 35 years in the fleet industry. Brown oversaw the management of the fleet of Roche Diagnostics, which is a division of The Roche Group.

Brown, a nominee for the 2014 Professional Fleet Manager of the Year award, managed 1,441 vehicles in June of 2014. A spokeswoman from The Roche Group confirmed Brown's retirement and declined to provide the month or year she left, citing employee privacy.

Brown capped her career by being named as one of 18 finalists for the fleet manager of the year award and a finalist for the 2014 NAFA Fleet Excellence awards. Brown was also named a 2014 Sustainability All-Star.

During her tenure, Brown transformed the Roche fleet from a low mpg fleet, consisting of SUVs and minivans, to a high mpg fleet, increasing overall fleet mpg from 26.6 mpg to 34.9 mpg, which is a 30-percent increase in fuel economy. She worked to lower the net depreciation rate of vehicles to less than 1.5 percent by shortcycling the existing fleet to more fuel-efficient models.

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