Sasser Family Holdings, Inc. has appointed Stephen Hamlin to the role of associate director on their board of directors as part of a "continuing effort to strengthen their corporate leadership," according to the company that owns Union Leasing.

"Stephen has served on our family council for many years and was most recent chair," said Fred R. Sasser, chairman of the board. "We are grateful that he will continue to serve us in his new role as associate director and are looking forward to his continuing leadership in our company."

The Sasser Family board includes both family and non-family members. Hamlin is a fourth-generation family member who has sat on the Sasser Family Council since 2007. He served as chairman from 2011 to 2015. He is also a graduate of and an active participant with the Loyola University Chicago's Family Business Stewardship Institute.

Hamlin replaces Sue Sasser, whose term on the board has ended.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet