The CEI Group, Inc. (CEI) will showcase its latest advances in fleet safety and risk management – including integrated telematics, continuous driver monitoring and predictive analytics – at the Risk Management Society's Annual Conference & Exhibition in San Diego.  CEI will be exhibiting in Booth #301 at the San Diego Convention Center, April 10-13.

"With accident rates rising, it's more important than  ever that fleets have the sharpest tools available to identify who their high-risk drivers are and to intervene with them as soon as they reach that level," said Brian Kinniry, CEI's senior director of strategic services. 

Fleets often face a "big data" challenge when they adopt telematics systems which, in addition  to helping fleets track and schedule vehicles, generate safety-related data, such as speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking events, said Kinniry. "CEI overcomes the challenge by importing that data into a fleet's safety program, so it's readily available for remedial action in driver files."

CEI's new predictive analytics model is a departure from standard fleet driver risk assessment methods, Kinniry said. "The model takes in more types of data and a longer driver history, and resembles the way in which auto insurance companies assess risk and set premiums for drivers. It has found that some drivers previously rated as relatively low risk are actually among a fleet's highest-risk drivers."

CEI recently adapted its DriverCare fleet safety and risk management application to incorporate data from continuous Motor Vehicle Record monitoring services. These services tap into state data bases, which are updated with new traffic violation convictions on a monthly basis. For clients that select the service CEI updates the history files of all drivers with new convictions as they are available, closing the information gap and making driver risk assessments more timely.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet