Chevin Fleet Solutions has signed an agreement to provide its web-based fleet management software FleetWave to Leasing Associates, to help the organization enhance its maintenance service offerings.

FleetWave's flexible capabilities will help Houston-based Leasing Associates meet the diverse requirements of its growing customer base, by providing streamlined maintenance authorization capabilities while supporting remote access and controlled customer visibility over complete lease and operating costs.

FleetWave delivers completely user definable capabilities throughout, meaning that all of Leasing Associates' specific requirements can be met without the need for costly and time consuming development.

With its industry leading web-based architecture, FleetWave can be easily deployed to remote branch locations and clients and can be quickly accessed by customers users using their web browser from anywhere, at any time. 

Selected for its ability to seamlessly integrate with internal systems, third party applications and the organizations numerous external service providers, once installed, the FleetWave system will be used by Leasing Associates sales and management team to process and provide company-wide wide visibility over every aspect of a diverse lease portfolio.

With extensive experience working with and implementing flexible fleet management software for commercial and municipal clients across North America and around the world, Chevin and FleetWave were the natural choice for Leasing Associates as it looks to extend its service offerings to customers.

"FleetWave's uniquely configurable architecture will support Leasing Associates complex and very specific lease and maintenance management requirements, while allowing senior management, the sales team and even their customers to gain real time visibility over complete financial and operational details," said Ron Katz, Chevin's SVP of North American sales. "We're excited to have Leasing Associates join our global client base and look forward to delivering fantastic results over the coming months and years."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet