Donlen has introduced its DriverPoint Driver Identification pool vehicle system that tracks individual driver behavior and complements its DriverPoint Telematics product, the fleet management company announced.

To improve safety in fleets that utilize pool vehicles, individual accountability, monitoring, and coaching drivers are all critical to ensure sustained success.  With the latest combined hardware and software solution from Donlen, fleet managers can pinpoint risky behavior by driver — instead of by vehicle — in order to increase driver accountability, improve fleet safety, and reduce costs.

"In the past, driver accountability has been a challenge for fleets with a pool vehicle system," said Tom Sloan, Donlen's director of telematics and safety products. "Our new solutions empower fleet managers with the data they need to hold their drivers accountable and keep their fleets and drivers safe."

One Donlen customer has already seen significant improvements across their fleet by implementing DriverPoint Driver Identification for their fleet vehicle pool. Since implementing Driver Identification, the customer's fleet has reduced acceleration and deceleration events, decreased preventable accidents, and improved fuel economy and productivity, according to Donlen.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet