Screenshot courtesy of Donlen.

Screenshot courtesy of Donlen.

Donlen has added enhancements to its DonlenDriver Mobile app to provide fleet drivers with convenient access to important vehicle documents and notifications.

DonlenDriver Mobile already provides fleet drivers with the tools they need to access and input important information in areas such as personal tax reporting, new vehicle ordering, company policy compliance, and vehicle delivery status updates.

DonlenDriver Mobile exchanges real-time data with Donlen's existing platforms, ensuring that fleet drivers have access to the same functionality whether they're in the office or on the road, according to the company.

"Fleet drivers are becoming more and more productive every day with their company vehicles truly becoming a remote office," said Jeff Pursell, Donlen's vice president of technology products. "With DonlenDriver Mobile, drivers will have convenience at hand by having the ability to view vital documents and important notifications that will contribute to an increase in productivity."

With the enhanced tools available from the home screen of DonlenDriver Mobile, drivers now have instant access to the resources they need to perform their jobs effectively and within compliance.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet