Screenshot courtesy of Donlen.

Screenshot courtesy of Donlen.

Donlen has released the FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite, a business intelligence solution that displays intuitive charts and graphs to help fleet professionals improve productivity and reduce unnecessary spending, according to the fleet management company.

By clicking into specific data points, a fleet professional can visualize key trends that impact their fleet and identify a fleet's challenges.

"Today, fleet professionals are responsible for managing more data than ever before," said John Wuich, Donlen's vice president of business analytics. "The Visualization Suite not only summarizes your fleet performance, but allows you to quickly analyze what is driving your performance, and provides insights that allow fleet managers to take action right away."

Donlen's FleetWeb Intelligence Visualization Suite includes technology that is intuitive to the user; processes information quickly; provides insights visually; and leads to actionable steps that drive savings, safety, and compliance, according to the company.

Donlen's Visualization Suite consists of seven visual dashboards covering all aspects of a fleet. With these powerful, intuitive charts and graphs, fleet professionals have the ability to easily visualize their data, quickly analyze their data to identify trends and opportunities, and take action right away to improve their fleet's performance.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet