Photo of Kristi Webb, Element's president and CEO, courtesy of Element.

Photo of Kristi Webb, Element's president and CEO, courtesy of Element.

Hundreds of fleet company executives, supplier partners, automotive manufacturers and Element experts gathered at the 2017 Element Fleet Roundtable held in National Harbor, Md. last week.

The theme of this year’s roundtable was “Powered by People,” according to the company. The event's theme focused on the influence of personnel — from fleet management professionals to strategic consultants — on the fleet industry.

“Fleet management has never been more global and more driven by technology, and our industry is impacted by worldwide trends and events," said Kristi Web, president and CEO of Element Fleet Management, North America. "But through every period of change, people are constant. That’s why ‘Powered by People’ was the theme of this year’s roundtable."

The event, which celebrated its 20th year in 2017, featured more than 15 30-minute workshops that focused on macro trends and fleet insights such as technology, the economy, and driver engagement.

Guest speakers at the event included Ken Schmidt, a former director of communications strategy at Harley-Davidson Motor Co., and Lior Zoref, a researcher, advisor, TED Talks speaker and bestselling author who spoke on the topic of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence.

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