FREMONT, CA — @Road, Inc., a provider of mobile resource management (MRM) services, introduced the @Road Telco, Cable, and Utilities Suite, a comprehensive set of industry-specific services and features designed to improve operational efficiencies and enhance customer satisfaction for field service organizations on February 3. By providing dynamic scheduling of mobile resources and remote access to company information and customer records, @Road helps field-service-centric companies reduce non-productive time and uncover incremental profit opportunities. Key features and benefits in the @Road Telco, Cable and Utilities Suite include:

  • @Road GeoManager. Combines GPS, wireless communications, and Internet technologies to provide a hosted, Web-based mobile resource management solution.
  • @Road Mobile HotSpot. By wirelessly connecting a laptop or Internet-enabled handset with the @Road Mobile HotSpot, mobile workers can instantly access manuals, customer records, update inventory, place orders, or review their next assignment via the Internet.
  • Dynamic Scheduling. Providing dynamic dispatching capabilities to improve route optimization, increase the number of jobs done per day and schedule and dispatch unplanned jobs as they arise.
  • Two-Way Communication. Messaging and automated forms provide instant access to critical information between drivers and dispatchers. Automatically updates each driver's location and speed, to dynamically dispatch the closest driver to a customer.
  • Vehicle Diagnostics. Monitors vehicle diagnostics and sends e-mail alerts to dispatchers based on driver behavior and vehicle performance. Diagnostic reports are used to help lower overall maintenance costs.
  • @Road FieldServices. A suite of on-demand and historical reports designed to provide field service organizations with a new set of metrics to help them maximize mobile workforce productivity prior to starting jobs, when between jobs, and at the end of the day when returning to the terminal or yard.

    This is the third vertical market solution the company has launched this quarter. Starting at a base price of $39.95 per month for the @Road GeoManager Service, customers subscribing to the @Road Telco, Cable, and Utilities Suite can choose from the above menu of value-added services to tailor the base offering to their unique business needs.