FITCHBURG, MA - Cox Enterprises gains real-time visibility over disparate fleet operating costs with Chevin's FleetWave.

Cox Enterprises of Atlanta, Ga., has recently deployed Chevin Fleet Solutions' web-based enterprise fleet management information system, FleetWave, to gain control over escalating fleet running costs while enabling global visibility over the organizations disparate operations and operating units. 

Chevin Fleet Solutions is a provider of fleet management software, whose two primary products are FleetWave - the first commercially available internet-based solution and RoadBASE - the popular and long established PC based system.

Cox Enterprises is a communications, media and automotive services company with major subsidiaries that include Cox Communications, Manheim Inc., Cox Media Group and  With more than 250 locations, Cox Enterprises manages and maintains a fleet of more than 14,000 pieces of equipment using Chevin's flexible web-based enterprise fleet management information system, FleetWave.

Serving tens of thousands of customers on a daily basis, Cox Enterprises can't afford equipment downtime that might delay customer service calls, or continue to maintain vehicles with excessive operating costs.  With FleetWave in place, Cox Enterprises now captures and consolidates complete equipment lease, maintenance, fuel as well as utilization details into a single enterprise-wide solution, providing centralized visibility of all fleet running costs no matter how or where they're incurred.  With electronic integration to their full service lessors, Cox Enterprises fleet management team now has the ability to compare and contrast lease costs, supplier performance as well as monthly fleet utilization details enabling them to maximize vehicle productivity while eliminating redundant vehicles.  With additional electronic integration to commercial fuel card providers, Cox Enterprises now has consolidated oversight of complete fleet operating details from acquisition through disposal, allowing the organization to continually refine their fleet management practices to drive out inefficiencies and reduce fleet spend.

As a true enterprise fleet management system, FleetWave provides Cox Enterprises with a harmonized view of complete fleet operating details and as a result, has dramatically streamlined the procurement process, optimized their vehicle inventory and continues to drive ongoing improvements and costs savings.  'Although their requirements were extremely diverse, Cox Enterprises' fleet management needs could easily be accommodated with our flexible web-based solution,' said Ron Katz, Vice President of North American Sales for Chevin.  Additionally, 'with FleetWave's uniquely adaptable capabilities, Cox Enterprises' future needs and requirements can be seamlessly accommodated without the need for expensive and time consuming programming.'  As with many of Chevin's corporate clients, 'Cox Enterprises has realized a rapid return on their software investment and continues to reap tremendous fleet operating savings across their diverse fleet.'

Chevin Fleet Solutions is a global provider of dedicated fleet management solutions. Chevin developed the world's first true web-based fleet management system, FleetWave in 2000, as well as pioneering revolutionary touch screen and bar-coding systems to make fleet and workshop operations simpler and more controllable.  Meanwhile the company continues to market its class-leading 'desk-top' RoadBASE package, aimed at small to mid-sized fleets.

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