MANSFIELD, MA - The NAFA New England Chapter will hold a meeting Sept. 16 to focus on the current economic outlook and examine possible funding options for fleet managers.  The meeting, held at the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA, will kick off the 2009-2010 NAFA New England meeting season and feature Greg Stanford, PHH Strategic Consultant, as a guest speaker.

Stanford will outline the state of the economy as it relates to fleet management operations and share his assessment of how the fleet management industry will be impacted in the next 6 to 18 months.  Stanford will also offer strategic recommendations to assist fleet managers with risk mitigation, total cost management, and forecasting.

Meeting registration will take place between 9:30a.m. and 10:00a.m.  Presentations will run from 10:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. and then lunch will follow.  Those interested in attending can register online at  The Holiday Inn is located at 31 Hampshire Street in Mansfield, MA.

The New England Chapter consists of approximately 110 Members and Affiliates from all aspects of fleet management including municipalities, corporate, State Police, manufacturers, remarketer's, lessor's, etc.   The chapter covers Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and upstate New York.

The chapter's mission is to educate and inform fleet managers about topics that are relevant to the fleet industry and the broader economic environment as it relates to fleet management.   Meetings are held monthly from September through June and topic specific programs are held periodically in partnership with NAFA Affiliates and other fleet industry related organizations.  New England NAFA chapter members are encouraged to share fleet best practices and policy information with one another; thereby creating a network of fleet professionals that foster open communications and professional assistance to chapter members.

About NAFA Fleet Management Association

NAFA Fleet Management Association is a not-for-profit, individual membership professional society serving the needs of members who manage fleets of sedans, public safety vehicles, trucks, and buses of all types and sizes, and a wide range of military and off-road equipment for organizations across the globe. NAFA is the association for the diverse vehicle fleet management profession regardless of organizational type, geographic location or fleet composition. NAFA's Full and Associate Members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance and repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 3.5 million vehicles including in excess of 1.1 million trucks of which 350 thousand are medium- and heavy-duty trucks.  For more information, visit


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