PROVO, UT - APX Alarm Security Solutions Inc. announced it will implement a vehicle fleet program for its full-time service technicians starting in June.

With a primary roll-out later this month, the first 27 vehicles will be deployed to locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. A total of 300 HHR GM vehicles are expected to be ordered by the end of the summer by APX Alarm that will be used to service its growing customer base. The APX branded vehicles will not only increase national visibility and recognition, but will also add to the credibility of APX representatives, said the company.

"With moving to a fleet, APX will now show up to the appointment in an APX branded vehicle, which should give the customer a sense of comfort," said Guy Goddard, service auxiliary manager.

APX also expects the new vehicles to regulate gas mileage from a previous average of 19-20 mpg with the use of personal vehicles to 28-30 miles per gallon with the standardized fleet - a projected savings of $1 million over the next three years for the company.

Insurance, brakes, and tires for the fleet will now be covered by APX and all regular maintenance will be covered by a full maintenance package with Enterprise Fleet Management Company.


Originally posted on Automotive Fleet