MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO - PHH Arval, a leader in fleet management services in Canada and the United States, is aligning its Canadian operations to enhance its dedicated teams to meet the full span of client needs, from planning vehicle purchases to reducing costs and increasing productivity.

"As our business has grown in Canada, our goal has been to continuously improve our ability to provide outstanding service," said Jim Halliday, President of PHH Canada. "Our new organization brings all of the right people together on a single dedicated team so clients never have to worry about their work being handed off from one unit to another."
The top-down restructuring includes the addition of two regional directors to the leadership team to strengthen strategic planning for client services. Also new are additional account manager positions. In addition, each dedicated account team will now include new vehicle acquisition consultants who will be responsible for selection, ordering and delivery of fleet vehicles.
Under the new structure, client consultants and client service administrators assigned to each customer will work directly with account executives who are responsible for providing strategic consulting to identify cost savings opportunities, recommend best practices and meet the needs of the customer.
As part of the restructuring, seven people were promoted to new positions. They include:

Greg Grant and Barbara Grayston, both regional directors. Greg, who has been with PHH Arval for more than 20 years and has managed key clients for more than 10 years, has filled a number of roles in client relations. Most recently he headed a team as lead account executive. Barbara has 21 years of experience serving PHH Arval clients, providing superior strategic fleet account management consulting services. Like Greg, Barbara also headed a team as lead account executive.

Gordana Vukin, account executive. Gordana has been with PHH Arval 22 years, with experience spanning financial accounting, licensing and client services. She has held client consultant and account manager positions for the past eight years, handling fleets ranging from small executive fleets to commercial fleets up to 700 units.

Angie Aucoin, Sumrita Bhatty, Lana Hadi and Angelique Singh, all account managers. Angie has held various positions, including in asset management, client relations and vehicle accident services, allowing her to build a strong base of expertise since joining PHH Arval in 1998. Sumrita has been a client consultant with PHH Arval for five years, giving her a solid insight into the needs of clients. Lana joined PHH Arval at the beginning of the year, bringing three years of experience in client relations, long-term leasing and fleet management of up to 900 vehicles. Angelique, who has been in the industry 10 years, has brought her fleet expertise and positive client focus to a variety of positions at PHH Arval over the past four years, including client relations.

About PHH Arval
PHH Arval, a subsidiary of PHH Corporation, is a leading fleet management services provider in the United States and Canada. PHH Arval provides outsourced fleet management solutions to corporate clients, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 500 companies. Through consultative expertise, flexible customer service, and award-winning Internet technology, PHH Arval helps clients reduce costs and increase productivity. For more information, visit www.phharval.com, or call 800 ONLY PHH.

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Headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, PHH Corporation is a leading outsource provider of mortgage and vehicle fleet management services. Its subsidiary, PHH Mortgage, is one of the top five retail originators of residential mortgages in the United States1, and its subsidiary, PHH Arval, is a leading fleet management services provider in the United States and Canada. For additional information about the company and its subsidiaries, please visit our Web site at www.phh.com.    


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