The BMW ActiveE.

The BMW ActiveE.

AUSTIN, TX – BMW and Green Mountain Energy Company have joined forces to offer drivers of the BMW ActiveE the choice to support renewable energy for their cars. The ActiveE drivers, known as “Electronauts,” now have the opportunity to purchase renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Green Mountain to cover the estimated electricity that will be used to charge their electric vehicles (EVs).

The ActiveE is an exclusive series driven by 700 Electronauts across five U.S. states. Each EV comes with a two-year lease and BMW uses the feedback from these drivers to develop premium, sustainable vehicles for the future.

For a one-time payment of $48, ActiveE drivers can purchase RECs to ensure the estimated amount of electricity that will be used to charge their vehicle during the lease period is replaced with renewable energy. ActiveE drivers who power their vehicles with renewable energy for the estimated mileage usage will offset 9,900 lbs. of CO2 during the course of their two-year lease — the equivalent of not driving 11,000 miles in a conventional gas-powered car, according to BMW.

In addition to this opportunity to purchase RECs from Green Mountain, Electronauts can take advantage of a separate BMW offer to install solar panels on their homes for a discount of approximately 35 percent.

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Originally posted on Automotive Fleet