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The Lithium Ion Power Solution for Work Trucks

The Lithium Ion Power Solution for Work Trucks

The Lithium Ion Power Solution for Work Trucks

Save on Operating Expenses by Reducing Unnecessary Engine and Generator Use

Don’t let your work truck weigh down your profits! When work trucks idle to provide power for tools and other onsite conveniences, the truck’s engine accumulates unnecessary wear and tear leading to increased maintenance costs. An added problem to work trucks is the generator which can greatly affect the onsite work environment with noise, fumes, and excessive burning of fuel. The generator produces pollution and creates an uncomfortable environment for the operator. This industry-wide problem can increase unnecessary expenses and add to already-soaring operating costs. Avoid these expenses by using a more efficient and environmentally-friendly solution, enter lithium ion power. Learn how a lithium ion power solution can future-proof your work truck, and how it can reduce overall vehicle operating expenses.

Download the white paper, The Lithium Ion Power Solution for Work Trucks, to learn how you can reduce unnecessary engine and generator use to save money in the long run. In this white paper, you will learn:

  • The advantages of lithium ion power and how it can complement your fleet of work trucks
  • How to reduce vehicle maintenance expenses with a lithium ion battery solution
  • Tips on how lithium ion power future-proofs your work vehicles for the most stringent environmental standards
  • Why lithium ion power is the new standard for work truck vehicles

By Xantrex