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Nearly 3,000 Fleet Drivers Compete in ‘Green’ Challenge

DES PLAINES, IL - Forty-one different corporate fleets from a range of North American companies were represented in Wheels, Inc.'s EcoWheels Green Driver Challenge. The ten-week program enlisted 2,970 corporate fleet vehicle drivers to pledge to incorporate sustainable driving habits into their daily routines.

AstraZeneca Adding Jettas to Fleet

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals will be adding Volkswagen Jetta sedan and Sportwagen models to its fleet by the end of the year, adding to the automaker's growing list of commercial fleet customers.

Are Executive Vehicle Fleets Becoming Politically Incorrect?

In today's economic environment, push-back is emerging at some companies about company-provided executive vehicle fleets. As the economy worsens and ever-increasing amounts of taxpayer monies are being used to prop up financially distressed companies, a negative perception is growing about executive compensation and the different perks tied into these compensation packages.

Armitage to Retire From AstraZeneca

Clive Armitage, director of purchasing services for AstraZenca Pharmaceuticals, will take an early retirement from the company effective Jan. 2, 2007.