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Honestly, Would You Truly Recognize Your Driver?

With so much developing technology, extended responsibilities for many fleet managers, and a general corporate “coolness” to employees’ welfare, we have empathy for the company driver.

New ARI White Paper Demystifies Driver Reimbursement

MT. LAUREL, NJ - Automotive Resources International (ARI) has developed a new white paper that examines the pros and cons of compensating employees for driving their own vehicles versus providing company-owned fleet vehicles.

Do You Know What Your Drivers Are Really Doing?

Do you really know who is driving your company-provided vehicles? Often the "at-work" persona of an employee is not the true indicator of their behavior when no one is watching. Recently, someone forwarded me a link to a chat room for pharmaceutical reps. I did a search of posts that included the phrase "company car" and, in short order, I was shocked at some of the comments written about their use of company cars and how drivers play "the system" to their advantage.

5 Avoidable Mistakes in Managing Personal Use

Personal use administration is a headache for most fleet managers. Oftentimes, this headache is self-induced and avoidable. Here are five common mistakes committed by fleets in administrating a personal use program.