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Fuel Costs

4 Cost-Saving Initiatives Fleets Can Leverage

Fleet managers are constantly tasked with coming up with new ways to reduce costs. Two fleet industry professionals at a NAFA meeting presented multiple strategies to help facilitate that goal.

How Fleets Are Reducing Fuel Spend

Fleets continue to use tried and true methods to curb fuel spend, but as technologies evolve and new trends arise, staying on top of new developments in the industry becomes essential as well.

Gasoline Spikes to $2.54 Per Gallon

The national average price of regular unleaded jumped 7 cents to $2.54 for the week, as a result of a recent trend that has been demand climb higher and supply fall, according to AAA.

Safety, Sustainability, and Fuel Efficiency Are Synergistic

Three challenges consistently high on the list for many fleet managers — improving driver safety, mitigating the high cost of fuel, and complying with corporate pressures to reduce fleet’s contribution to the company’s global carbon footprint.

Late October Brings Falling Gasoline Prices

The national average gasoline price fell 4 cents to $2.85 per gallon for the week ending Oct. 22, as the price has given way following several weeks of lower demand. The price is where it was a month ago and 39 cents higher than a year ago.

Gas Prices Remain Static at $2.85 Per Gallon

The national average price of regular unleaded remained at $2.85 per gallon for the week ending Sept. 24, even as drivers in 32 states saw lower or stable prices. The price level is 1 cent higher than a month ago and 27 cents above a year ago, according to AAA.