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Vehicle Replacement

The Hidden Costs of Aging Fleet Equipment

Think fleet costs decline as equipment ages? If so, you’re only looking at some of the costs involved. Learn how a simple best practice can overcome this pitfall, and lead to win-win outcomes with customers beyond all expectations.

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How to Avoid Becoming a Prisoner of ‘Legacy Behavior’

“But it works; it’s always worked!” Everyone, at times, becomes a slave to what has worked in the past. That’s how we’ve always done it, we say. But in a rapidly changing fleet world, legacy behavior isn’t always the best way

What’s Your Backup Plan?

Despite all leading-edge technology and bleeding-edge regulations that are being thrust upon the fleet market, there is a gaping hole in many fleet plans. What to do when a vehicle, or a whole bunch of vehicles, are suddenly not available?

Should Damaged Vehicles Be Repaired or Replaced?

After an accident or major equipment failure, fleet managers often have to make a hard decision to either repair or replace the damaged vehicle. There is no right or wrong answer, but fleets need to keep safety and the bottom line in sight.

Taking the Right Steps in Vehicle Acquisition

The process of purchasing new vehicles isn't as simple as it looks. There are best practices fleets can use to make sure they get the right vehicle for the right price.

Fleet ‘Truisms’ — That Just Aren’t True!

Fleet management is rife with “truisms,” so-called conventional pieces of wisdom, that, although well intentioned, aren’t always true. Here are some examples of such truisms about which fleet managers can, and should, be skeptical.

How to Avoid Running a Truck Until its Wheels 'Fall Off'

Truck lifecycles can be calculated to the mile and the dollar. This can help fleets replace vehicles at the optimal moment.

Schindler Elevator Replacing 500 Sedans With Toyota Prius Two Models

The company said it expects that replacing its existing sedans with these hybrids will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42% when comparing the sedans to the Prius Two.

Vehicle and Equipment Inventory

This section delves into average fleet age and replacement cycles, as well as total units for various agencies.

Why Senior Management Should Oppose Extended Vehicle Replacement Cycles

Extending replacement cycles may seem a simple, short-term solution to shrinking budgets, but factors such as increased maintenance costs, impact on driver morale, loss of fuel efficiency, and increased downtime should be considered.