CINCINNATI - Bluespring Software (Bluespring), a leading provider of Business Process Innovation (BPI) technology and solutions, announced today that Mike Albert Vehicle Fleet Management (Mike Albert), one of the nation's largest vehicle fleet management companies, has recently deployed the Bluespring BPM Suite to automate the workflow of two key business processes: multi-state vehicle title and license management, and customer e-mail request management. By gaining greater control and visibility of these two complex business processes, Mike Albert has improved customer service while at the same time reducing the time, effort, and cost required to perform them.

"It's an important part of our business strategy to provide the industry's best service for our vehicle leasing and fleet management customers," says Chuck Ruzicka, Mike Albert CIO and Vice President of Operations. "Bluespring BPM has given us the tools to streamline and standardize complex, document-intensive processes, improving our ability to deliver important services while creating greater capacity for growth."

Mike Albert delivers thousands of vehicles across nearly every state. Vehicle titling and licensing regulations vary significantly from state to state and processing of the required insurance checks, inspections, and paperwork must be completed in a very short time in order to deliver plates before temporary tags expire. Bluespring BPM now automates the workflow based on the specific requirements for each state. It collects and manages documents, ensures tasks are completed on time, and organizes the final document package for delivery to the lease holder.

"Our fleet title team was recently able to process a spike in new vehicles in about 25% of the time it would have taken in the past," says Ruzicka. "But even more importantly, we now know where the process stands for each vehicle at all times. If something is being delayed, the right person is tasked to follow up. If a customer calls to ask where things stand, we can tell them exactly what still needs to be done. This level of control and visibility is enabling us to provide superior service to our customers."

The e-mail processing application deployed using Bluespring BPM has delivered equally impressive results. By automatically routing appropriate e-mails to a centralized team for service ticket creation, customer response time has been reduced while freeing up significant time for sales people to pursue new business. "This application, which only took about 2 weeks to deploy, is already saving us time and money; but it's also capturing extremely valuable data to help drive our continuous improvement efforts," adds Ruzicka.

Bluespring BPM interacts with existing Mike Albert business applications, as well as the company's document management system, Microsoft Exchange e-mail server, and Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft SharePoint provides the primary user interface for task management.

Ruzicka concludes: "Bluespring BPM has given us a great way to address important business processes that cross over the boundaries of existing application systems and multiple functional departments. We picked Bluespring BPM because it has the power and flexibility we need at a cost that's affordable for a company our size. With the success of these initial applications, we are now moving forward with a number of additional processes across the company."

About Mike Albert Vehicle Fleet Management:

Cincinnati-based Mike Albert Vehicle Fleet Management offers fleet optimization solutions that help its clients lower total cost of ownership, increase productivity, build brand awareness, and improve cash flow. Mike Albert is recognized as one of the top 10 fleet management companies in the United States and is currently the nation's number one privately held closed-end lessor. Mike Albert also offers open-end leasing, purchase-leaseback options, and a comprehensive list of fleet management services, including MaxFleet Maintenance Management, AutoTag registration renewal, telematics, accident management, fuel card, remarketing, and more. For more information, please visit

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